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Edit and publish the PostgreSQL Weekly News
The PostgreSQL Weekly News reports news, events, and the progress of development of PostgreSQL world-wide.
The PostgreSQL Weekly News is translated into Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
(January 2004-Present)
Designed and wrote DBI-Link
DBI-Link partially implements SQL/MED. It uses PL/PerlU to treat any DBI-accessible data source as a PostgreSQL table with read and write access. This was an inspiration for the currently developing SQL/MED feature in PostgreSQL.
(October 2004-Present)
Designed, then assembled an international team to implement Data-Modifying Common Table Expressions, which is targeted for inclusion in the upcoming SQL standard.
Mentoring Google Summer of Code student to expand the UPDATE syntax in SQL.
(May 2013-Present)
Professional Affiliations
San Francisco PostgreSQL Users' Group (Co-Founder)
Oakland Perl Users' Group (Founder)
San Francisco Perl Users' Group (Co-Founder)
San Francisco Bay Area Linux® Users' Group
Silicon Valley Linux® Users' Group

Teaching and Speaking Engagements
PGDay NYC 2013
CTEs: Past, Present and Future Slides
March 22, 2013
PGCon 2011
Writeable CTEs: A Revolution in SQL Slides
May 20, 2011
PostgreSQL East 2011
View Triggers Slides
March 25, 2011
Data Czar, eBay:
Awesome stuff, TBD.
(August 2014-Present)
Data Architect, Disqus:
Modernized PostgreSQL infrastructure, innovated reliable communication among transaction processing and analytics databases, opened sources to relevant parts of the toolchain developed in the process.
(June 2013-April 2014)
Senior Member of Technical Staff, VMware:
Expanded and coordinated EMC/VMware PostgreSQL efforts, Aurora Inside project
(August 2010-April 2013)
Co-Founder, PostgreSQL Experts:
Helped create and expand world-spanning PostgreSQL consulting group
(February 2009-August 2010)
Information Technology consultant:
Create Web-enabled Internets and Intranets.
Design and implement database applications for various platforms.
Implement security solutions.
Manage system growth.
(September 1994-Present)
Cricket Communications
Helped set up the conversion of the entire OLTP infrastructure to PostgreSQL. Instituted best practices for full lifecycle of databases and related systems. Designed and implemented cross-database communication using DBI-Link. (July 2006-January 2007)
Designed and deployed PostgreSQL-based intranet and internet site. Web site and intranet tools written in Perl and PL/PgSQL. (2001-2006)
Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources (SULAIR)
Web site for CV's for Earth Sciences at Stanford. Developing Perl, PHP and MySQL tools for search, display and administration of curricula vitae of staff, faculty and graduate students. (January 2004-April 2004)
Designed and deployed PostgreSQL-based content publishing system for Maxell world-wide. Integrity checking and data loading tools written in Perl.
(June 2001-December 2001)
Brave Kids
Designed and deployed system based on PostgreSQL, Perl and PHP for locating resources nationwide for children with chronic, life-threatening illnesses and disabilities, their families and the health care professionals that serve them.
(November 2000-June 2001)
Greenwitch Internet Radio
Moved site from MySQL to Oracle 8i
Improved database design for scalability and flexibility using referential integrity and PL/SQL stored procedures. Tools for checking referential integrity written in Perl.
Implemented backup system.
Created separate OLTP and OLAP environments.
Optimized web servers and applications using Perl and PHP.
(July 1999-March 2000)
Improved database design for scalability.
Increased database reliability and integrity with RDBMS techniques implemented with Perl and PL/SQL.
(January 2000-July 2000)
Installed and maintained Apache servers.
(July 1998-September 1998)
Helped transition from Informix to Oracle.
Installed and helped integrate Oracle into product.
Maintained and updated, a successful enterprise with over 450,000 active users, using Virtual Private Network technology, Oracle and Free software including Apache and Perl
(February 1998-March 1999)
Database Designer, Perpetual Entertainment
Designing and implementing OLTP system using PostgreSQL for over 100,000 simultaneous on-line users in an MMORPG platform. This system was designed to use Slony-I to communicate with a large OLAP system.
(February 2005-March 2006)
Database Designer, Digital Campaigns
Projects: Designed, implemented and deployed a database back-end for a soft-real-time get-out-the-vote system using PostgreSQL in under four weeks.
(August 2004-February 2005)
Co-Founder and CTO, Neoku, Inc.
Projects: Worked with the Neoku team. We designed, implemented and deployed
Haikuhaiku, a MVC-based multi-platform system for user-generated content sharing, which included a WAP-enabled site for use on mobile phones and a Palm Query Application. The system used PostgreSQL, and was tested on Oracle.
(January 2001-December 2001)
Speak and read English, French, and Hebrew. Can read Russian.
B.S., University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee (December 1995)
Majors: ACS Course in Chemistry and Applied Mathematics
Honors: James T. McFarland Undergraduate Research Award
(April, 1991)